Changes in consumption habits during the pandemic

The pandemic radically changed the routines of all people around the world. Most daily activities moved home, from attending school to working remotely.

From this change of location at the moment of living the daily routine, some habits to mitigate the virus begin to gain strength, such as hand washing, which increased 11 points in Italy according to the Nielsen mass consumption impact report.


From Gricol, we analyzed the percentage of sales between the categories of sink, dishwasher and institutional faucets with an increase in participation in the Colombian market of 8%.

In turn, figures from the study Impact of the Coronavirus on Habits and Media carried out by Havas Media Group revealed that activity related to buying household items online rose 3% with the pandemic.

Thus, the adaptation of the home to combine life and work in the same space create new consumption dynamics and new ways of buying compared to the importance given to remodeling homes prior to the pandemic.


1. Responsible consumers : In order to repay the economic impact of the last year, there are various initiatives to buy local products that encourage the economy.

It is possible to mitigate water costs by means of regulation or cut-off keys for hot or cold water, ideal for people who extend their time in the water.

2. Products for the home with a purpose: Appliances that reduce the use of oil, lamps with different intensities depending on the activity, are some of the benefits that people seek when buying things and elements to redecorate the home.

At Gricol we are interested in positive experiences with water, being with cutting-edge faucet products that contribute to improving homes is one of our purposes.

3. Flexible furniture and decoration: Multifunctionality in spaces is now something vital, homes quickly go from a moment of study to a moment of relaxation or exercise at home.

In this way, flexible and dynamic furniture becomes a requirement for buyers, so brands must innovate allowing chameleonic spaces for everyone at home.

Editorial authorship: Karol Cristancho

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