The water situation in Colombia

Colombia has valuable water resources, according to figures from the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature, Colombia has six snow-capped mountains, 44% of the páramos in South America, five hydrographic springs, 30 large rivers, 1,277 lagoons and more than 1,000 swamps, water is one of the greatest wealth of the country.

These figures are positive depending on the region where you look, given that the National Water Study carried out every four years by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam) highlighted challenges at the level of quality, supply and sanitation in the country.

The ENA revealed that capital cities such as Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Bucaramanga, Montería and Tunja have a moderate water deficit, while the Orinoquía, Pacífico and Amazonía regions have surpluses.

For this reason, the company Gricol, committed to positive experiences with water, offers advice on optimizing water use at home:

- Reuse rainwater: Rainwater has multiple benefits because it is clean and does not contain lime or chlorine. Harvesting rainwater can be useful for all household uses that are not for human consumption in cleaning and watering plants.

-Adjust water levels in the washing machine: Carry out a single wash cycle and accumulate a sufficient amount of clothes, it is also important to use a good detergent that produces little foam and dissolves quickly so as not to use more water than necessary.

- Avoid washing cars with a hose: It is common to do this practice in homes. However, the level of water consumption can increase by up to 25%. So, it is possible to carry out this task with the help of buckets and sponges that fulfill the same function.

- Check that the faucets and water tanks do not have leaks: Doing regular maintenance at home to have positive experiences with water guarantees savings and well-being in homes.

Gricol has different styles of faucets with water saving technology for the kitchen and bathroom at home and institutional levels. Additionally, it has a home accompaniment service with which it is possible to solve problems associated with plumbing in homes or businesses just with email information and cell phone number.

These are some tips with which we can all celebrate water responsibly, we hope you can make use of these tips and implement them in all homes or businesses.

Editorial authorship: Paula Andrea Ortiz.

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