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Cup 4.8 lpd Mondello

Cup 4.8 lpd Mondello

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General characteristics

Made of vitrified porcelain that prevents porosity and absorption
elongated design
Water inlet: top

vandal resistant
Includes plastic fitting and packaging
It must be complemented with an upper connection ref: IS-CO02-11 (purchased separately)
High efficiency design that guarantees water savings

Compatible with IS-SE04-11 , IS-SE07-11 sensor flowmeters or IS-PU05-11 push valve

Technical characteristics

Consumption: 4.8 lpf
Compliance with standards: NTC 920
Operating Pressure: 20 - 80psi

The products manufactured and marketed by Gricol SA are covered by the guarantee of:

1) Faucets, accessories and complements: 20 years. 2) Sanitary Porcelain: Unlimited and limited in accessories. 3) Dishwasher: 5 years. 4) Institutional: 2 to 5 years depending on the product .

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