Terms and Conditions

GRICOL SA through its platform opens the possibility to its customers and consumers the possibility of knowing and acquiring the different products of the Gricol SA brand, thus generating a higher quality experience for you in the acquisition of the products.
1. Definitions:

Platform: It will be understood as the link https://gricol.com/ through which the customer and / or consumer has the possibility to make the purchase of the products offered by Gricol SA

Consumer: Any natural or legal person who, as a final recipient, acquires, enjoys or uses a certain product, whatever its nature for the satisfaction of a personal, private, family or domestic and business need when it is not intrinsically linked to its activity economical

Client: Natural or legal person that acquires the products of Gricol SA

Main city: the following cities will be understood for the purposes of these terms and conditions: Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla.

Non-principal city: those cities other than Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla will be understood for the purposes of these terms and conditions.

Data necessary for effective delivery: the following data will be understood: name of who will receive the product (s), delivery address of the product (s), city of delivery.

2. Product delivery times:

The product purchased by the customer and / or consumer will be delivered to the address registered by the customer and / or consumer on the platform at the time of purchasing the product. Delivery is subject to the following conditions:

 If the place of delivery is in Bogotá  3 - 5 days
 If the place of delivery is in the main city of Bogotá.  3 - 5 days
 If the place of delivery is in the non-main city.  3 - 5 days

In the event that the product cannot be delivered for the reasons detailed below, no default will be set up by Gricol SA:


  • Wrong dilution by the client and / or consumer of the address or any data necessary for effective delivery.
  • Case of force majeure or fortuitous case and, in general, of all unforeseen, unpredictable or irresistible situations.
  • Some information of the information required on the platform in the transaction process does not comply with the requirements it requires specified in these terms and conditions.


  1. Customer and / or consumer statements:


  • The consumer and / or Client declares that the data entered in the purchase form are updated, are real and true.
  • It has the capacity to be bound according to the transaction that is being carried out through the Gricol SA eCommerce platform.
  • Whoever processes the information and claims to be a legal representative has the capacity and power to bind the company he represents.
  • I have read, understood and fully accept the data processing policy of Gricol SA found on its home page ( https://gricol.com/politica-de-trat-data-data/ ).


  1. Warranty: the guarantees vary according to the product, for this reason and in order to inform the consumer the following link is enabled where you can know the terms of these guarantees.


If you have complaints, questions, claims, concerns regarding the guarantee, please contact us at (1) 360 38 99, (1) 360 04 66, info@gricol.com, serviciotécnico@gricol.com, https: //gricol.com/garantia_carta.pdf  or you can submit documents to the address:


  1. Notification:


For the purposes of information on the purchase management or if the consumer and / or customer wishes to make modification or deletion of their data, they may do so through the following channels:

Tel: (1) 3603899
Ext: 120
Cell: 313 207 8724
Email: web@gricol.com