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Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Below you will find the answers to the most common questions that users of our products and services have in general.

What is a pipe purge?

RTA: It is when the pipes are cleaned once the civil works are finished, that is, when the wall is finished and the hydraulic connections are ready for operation. This cleaning must be done by removing the plugs and closing systems of the hydraulic network and allowing the passage of water for at least one minute before installing the faucets, in this way the water drags all the construction waste that may have remained during the network installation.

Main cause of drip?

RTA: The main cause of dripping is due to improper drainage or lack thereof.

What are the most used parts?

RTA: The most commonly used parts are:
• Conventional closure system gaskets, which when worn cause dripping.
• The o´ring packing kit for dishwasher arm.
• The tongue seals on the outlet valves for toilets.
• Closing systems in general that, being improperly installed or used, can cause leaks.

What types of faucets do we handle?

  • Keys a water: allow and regulate the passage of a single type of water; These are subdivided into: keys for sink, dishwasher, table, wall, garden, supply and Terminal.
  • Mixing taps two handles: regulate the passage of more than one type of water, usually hot water and cold water, these are divided according to the water inlets: 4 ”mixers for sinks, 8” for sinks, 8 ”for shower, 8 ”wall for sink, 6” shower, monoblock.
  • Single lever or monocontrol mixer taps: They regulate the passage of more than one type of water through a single handle, they exist for showers, sinks and dishwashers.

Do GRICOL faucets pollute water?

RTA: GRICOLNO faucets pollute the water.

What are water savers?

RTA: Water savers are elements or systems that are included in the faucets in order to reduce the amount (flow) of water and therefore reduce its consumption.

What are towers and mounts should be installed?

RTA: The mounts or towers (stems), are the closing systems in the faucets, responsible for controlling the passage of water. They must be installed by threading them in the bodies of the keys or mixers and adjusting them with an expansive wrench or cup until they reach the top, it is not necessary to give excessive adjustment.

Why do shower logs vibrate?

RTA: The main cause of the occurrence of vibration with noise, technically referred to as water hammer, is generated when the bodies of the registers are installed in the opposite direction. The Gricol logs have an arrow stamped on the body of the faucet indicating the proper direction of the water flow. Another common cause of the occurrence of water hammer is when the air chamber in the pipe is not suitable.

Are conventional and quarter turn closure systems compatible?

RTA: Conventional (multi-turn) and quick-close (¼ turn with ceramic pads) systems are not compatible with each other, therefore parts exchange between the two systems must not be made, each must be repaired with the spare parts indicated in the installation guides that each product contains.

What durability do closure systems have?

RTA: The durability of our closing systems meet the requirements established in NTC 1644:
- Sinks and dishwashers (residential): 500,000 cycles
- Showers and garden and laundry (residential): 250,000 cycles

What is the country of manufacture?

RTA: GRICOL manufactures its fittings and accessories in Colombia.

Representation and spare parts?

RTA: GRICOL is represented throughout the country through its extensive network of distributors, which sell the spare parts for all its product lines and collections. To know your data you can consult them on the website or call the customer service line (57-1) 3603899/3600466

What are the terms of the guarantee?

RTA: When the products show manufacturing defects, Gricol assumes repair or exchange costs, that is, the service will be free. Gricol has a total guarantee of 20 years in all its parts and components for manufacturing defects. In case the damage is caused by improper installation or handling of the product, the spare parts and the service will be charged.

What is the maximum pressure that taps resist?

RTA: GRICOL products meet the requirement set forth in NTC 1644 for 125 psi faucets.

What are the connectors?

R / The connectors are the elements responsible for transporting water from the connections to the taps. There are several types of connectors: plastic sinks that have ½ by ½ nuts, plastics for single-lever and sanitary ware that have ½ x 7/8 nuts.

What temperature do the connectors resist?

RTA: The maximum temperature authorized by the NTC 1644 standard for faucets and connectors is 82 ° Celsius; GRICOL products comply with this standard.

Supply keys are regulation keys?

RTA: The supply keys are faucets that are installed in the connections of the sinks, dishwashers and toilets, also known as regulating valves, serve to adjust and regulate the flow of water entering the faucets.

What is the warranty and what does the warranty cover?

RTA: Warranty is any request by the customer regarding a disagreement with the product caused by the manufacture of the same.
Products manufactured and marketed by GRICOL SA are covered By guarantee of:
• Faucets, accessories and complements, twenty (20) years.
• Sanitary Porcelain, Unlimited and limited accessories.
• Dishwasher, five (5) years.
• Institutional, According to the guarantee granted by the commercialized brand for each product

What is a technical service? And how can I access this?

RTA: Technical service: It is all requisition by the client regarding a disagreement with the product caused by improper handling and installation.
The technical service must be requested as long as the GRICOL products have failures in manufacturing or operation defects, if the failure is caused by a bad handling or a bad installation of the product at its final destination, GRICOL does not assume this as a service technical and any procedure will be charged.

What are the payment options?

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How is distributor affiliation handled?

RTA: To be an ally of the GRICOL brand, you must contact the email serviciocliente@gricol.com, expose your type of business and make the proposal for which you want to link, you can also contact the online advisor located in the part At the bottom of the website, you can submit your request and the advisor will manage your request and receive a corresponding response.

How can I find out the availability of a product?

RTA: GRICOL products meet the requirement set forth in NTC 1644 for 125 psi faucets.

What are the opening hours?

RTA: Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Who advises me about the product I need?

RTA: If you need advice on the products you wish to purchase, you can contact the virtual advisor which can be found at the bottom of the website.

How is the return process?

RTA: To make a return the client can communicate directly to the email serviciotecnico@gricol.com describing his return case, and the reference he wants to change, or he can also make the request to the online advisor in the chat section, please note that :
• The product must not have been installed
• It must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging
• It must be less than one year from its invoice date
• You must bring the purchase invoice or failing that the number that identifies it
• Products that are sanitary ware and dishwasher have a more rigorous process
• At the time of bringing the merchandise to GRICOL, a respective expert evaluation is carried out to evaluate the quality in which the product arrives and its packaging, in this respect the value for which the entry of the product is approved (100% if the product is in perfect condition)
• Under no circumstances is money returned, the product is exchanged for another one that the customer selects, in case of being less than the value that the customer is returning will be left with a balance in favor for his next purchase .